Excellent lawyer. Excellent man.

Great lawyer who fought hard to get me out of trouble. He is very knowledgable and fights his cases very agressively. He knows the law and knows how to fight for your rights.
— Justin, A Past Client

In an effort to effectively represent my clients to the best of my ability, I routinely attend seminars and training. Every year that I have been licensed, I have been a member of the Texas Bar College (requirements for membership)

Additionally, I have extensive training in the investigation and defense of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Boating While Intoxicated (BWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), and other Intoxication related charges. I have received certificates in the operation of the Intoxilyzer 5000 and certificates in giving and instructing the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.

Testimonials and Reviews of Past Clients

Here are some articles that I have written to assist others in their criminal defense matters: 

Since 2011, I have organized a reading of the Declaration of Independence to celebrate the Fourth of July on the courthouse steps in Conroe, Montgomery County, Texas.

Some of the Seminars and Training I have attended:


• Certified Mediator-2016-Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County, Texas

• Certified Family Law Mediator 2016-Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County, Texas

Seminars Attended


JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/15/2017 Mediator Training Part I: Dynamics of Domestic Violence

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/15/2017 Mediator Training Part IV: Trauma-Informed Practice

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/15/2017 Mediator Training Part III: StatutoryFramework

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/13/2017 View from the Court of Criminal Appeals // Effective Finding

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/13/2017 Exceptional Oral Arguments: Tips and Techniques

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/13/2017 Pretrial/Extraordinary & Other Writs // Actual Innocence

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/11/2017  US Supreme Court Update: Criminal Law

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/11/2017 Appellate Issues: State Writs of Habeas Corpus // Pending


JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 4/4/2017 Handling Your First (or Next) HOA Assessment Lien

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 2/23/2017 Trends in Trial Strategies

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 1/19/2017 Courtroom Procedure/Policy

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 1/2/2017 Handling Your First (or Next) DWI Case 

JOSHUA ZIENTEK :1/1/2017 Non Refundable Retainers: The Confusion Clarified at Last!

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 11/18/2016  Hour Family Mediation Training


JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 9/17/2016 Fall 2016 Basic Mediation Course

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 8/6/2015 Advanced Family Law

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 8/2/2015 Family Law 101 Course

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 2/5/2015 Entomology in Forensic Science

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 1/27/2015 Guardianship Law 2014 (for Attorney Ad Litem Certification)

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 11/7/2014 Stuart Kinard Memorial Advanced DWI

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 8/22/2014 12th Annual Top Gun DWI

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 8/16/2014 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Standardized

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 6/14/2014 27th Annual Rusty Duncan

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 5/22/2014 Winning Theories in Criminal Defense

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 5/9/2014 Actual Innocence: Establishing Innocence or Guilt

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 4/11/2014 Tri-County Services: Local Programs for Offenders - Update

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 3/6/2014 Defending Sanity Cases

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 1/23/2014 Public Defender's Office In-service Training: Voir Dire

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 1/9/2014 Online Solicitation and Free Speech

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 1/2/2014 Building Blocks of Wills, Estates and Probate 2013

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/5/2013 False Confessions

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 9/17/2013 TriCounty Services:

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 8/23/2013 11th Annual Top Gun DWI

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 6/15/2013 25th Rusty Duncan DVD

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 5/3/2013 DWI Defense Project

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 4/26/2013 Closing Arguments

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 3/21/2013 Immigration Issues for Criminal Defense Lawyers

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 2/22/2013 2nd Annual Honorable Craig Washington and Senator Rodney

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 1/31/2013 Collarteral Consequences of Criminal Convictions

JOSHUA ZIENTEK :1/22/2013 The Ethics of Client Care and Procedural Justice:A Practice

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 1/2/2013 Guardianship Law 2012 (for Attorney Ad Litem Certification)

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/28/2012 3th Annual Building Blocks of Wills Estates and Trusts

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/20/2012 Mental Health Update // Investigative Detentions // Recusals

JOSHUA ZIENTEK :12/20/2012 Legal Insanity: The Danger of Applying Logic to a Mentally

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/20/2012 Update on Special Education Law // Mental Health

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 8/17/2012 Top Gun DWI

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 6/12/2012 Practice Tips: Competency and 46B

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 6/9/2012 25th Annual Rusty Duncan Advanced Criminal Law Course

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 5/25/2012 Fundamentals of Gas Chromatography for Lawyers

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 5/10/2012 Understanding Blood Alcohol Testing: The Basics of Gas

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 3/24/2012 19th Annual Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI/DWI Cases

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 3/8/2012 Public Defender's Office In-Service Training: Storytelling

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 2/17/2012 Jail Diversion: Breaking The Cycle

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/13/2011 Guardianship Law 2011 (for Attorney Ad Litem Certification)

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 9/22/2011 Legislative Update

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 8/12/2011 9th Annual Top Gun DWI - Blood, Breath & Beyond

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 6/11/2011 24th Annual Rusty Duncan Advanced Criminal Law Course

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 5/6/2011 DWI Defense Project

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 4/16/2011 8th Annual Mastering Scientific Evidence

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 3/4/2011 Cross Examination

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 2/3/2011 Post Conviction

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 1/14/2011 Interpersonal Dynamics for Trial Lawyer; Learning to

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 11/19/2010Stuart Kinard Memorial Advanced DWI

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 10/21/2010 Defending Juveniles

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 10/14/2010 Dealing with an Overzealous Prosecutor

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 7/30/2010 10th Annual Nuts and Bolts of Juvenile Law Conference

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 7/8/2010 Legislative Update - Montgomery County

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 6/5/2010 23rd Annual Rusty Duncan Advanced Criminal Law Course

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 5/14/2010 Preparing A Good Writ and Preparing Your Trial Case to Avoid

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 4/13/2010 Representing Texas Children in Abuse and Neglect Cases

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 3/19/2010 34th Annual Texas Criminal Trial College

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 2/4/2010 Eyewitness Identification Issues

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 12/12/2009 MCCDLA Quarterly CLE

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 11/17/2009 General Guardianship Law 2009

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 10/23/2009 47th Annual Forensics Seminar

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 10/7/2009 Public Defender's Role in Mental Health Courts

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 10/6/2009 Criminal Law Boot Camp

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 9/29/2009 Family Law Boot Camp

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 8/26/2009 Wednesday Appellate Update

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 8/14/2009 7th Annual Top Gun DWI

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 7/31/2009 IN HOUSE: Advanced Criminal Law Short Course

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 7/30/2009 Dealing with the Practice: Balance and Ethics

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 7/22/2009 Wednesday Appellate Update

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 6/25/2009 Immigration Consequences of the Criminal Case

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 6/16/2009 Nuts and Bolts of Estate Planning and Probate

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 5/21/2009 Ethics and the Appointed Case

JOSHUA ZIENTEK : 4/3/2009 Voir Dire - You asked For it - Here it is